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Grocery & Co.
Close to the FeWo Umlauf holiday apartment there are  numerous possibilities to shop food and beverages. Your  Sunday buns you can buy in the small shop and bakery just  100m away from the apartment. There you can find  everything essential – from the daily newspaper, coffee  creamer to the famous “Kruschti” buns, which are highly  recommended by our friend. A bigger supermarket you can  reach with an about 20min walk or a few minutes by car.
© Tim Reckmann / Restaurants, cafes & Co. The Black Forest cuisine is diverse, hearty, opulent and creative – you may know classics like Spaetzle, Sauerbraten, Maultaschen (a German kind of Ravioli) and last but not least the famous Black Forest Gateau. Close to our holiday apartment in Muenstertal and nearby Staufen you can find many restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy the typical Black Forest cuisine.  We compiled for you a small selection of restaurants and cafes which are located close to the FeWo Umlauf or offer excellent meals, canes and much more:
A recommendation of our friends – the original inn serves typical and opulent German dishes. It can be reached by a short walk and is a must for all who like rustic food: Etzenbach 8 79219 Staufen im Breisgau
The restaurant „Zur Bure Stube“ is very close to our holiday apartment – located in the same street. We recommend reserving a table in advance: Dietzelbachstraße 6 79244 Münstertal
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Awarded from the famous German magazine „Fein-schmecker“ as Best Cafe in 2014 – in the Café & pastry shop Decker you can enjoy a delicious and excellent cake and coffee: Hauptstraße 70 79219 Staufen im Breisgau German